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Attendance is important

  Be there!   Did you know that regular school attendance in elementary school sets up a good pattern for your child’s entire school career?  Show your child that school comes first by trying to keep days off for illnesses and family emergencies.  Another suggestion, try to schedule routine doctor and dentist appointments for after school or over school breaks.

 Ticket please! Parents if you want to limit your child’s TV time, try this suggestion.  Every week, give seven slips of paper.  Each is good for an hour of television, but remind your child to plan ahead.  For example, if he/she wants to watch a two-hour movie on Saturday, they will need to save an extra ticket during the week.

 Better concentration – If you are looking for a fun way to improve your child’s concentration, try this quick game.  The first player makes one motion, like clapping or spinning around.  The second person copies him and adds another movement.  Continue adding new motions until someone forgets the sequence.  The last player that gets it right starts a new game.

 Those informative after school chats!  Greet your child with this question, what’s in your backpack?” and you will discover a lot about what he/she does in class.  Also,

  •  Set aside time each day to go through papers.
  •  Look over your child’s work together.
  •  Have your child talk about math problems or science experiments to  show you what she/he learned. 


Here is a idea if your child is having anger management issues

Melvin Feels Mad -- A Story About Learning To Manage Anger (EM706523)B
This entertaining and educational storybook for parents and children ages 6-8:

  • helps parents and children understand and talk about anger
  • teaches how to recognize signs of anger in themselves and in others and manage anger constructively
  • underscores that anger is a normal emotion experienced by all children
  • details simple steps for calming down
  • features friendly, appealing animals that portray human emotions, and easy-to-read text for all reading levels
  • includes prompts throughout to spark discussion between parents and children.

Item no. (EM706523)B
16 pages, 8" x 5 3/8

Published by:  
Channing Bete Company

PCA America Fulfillment Center
One Community Place
South Deerfield, MA 01373-7328