AES School-Wide SOAR



          At Armuchee Elementary, we are determined to create,  promote, and maintain a safe and orderly learning environment for all students.  To accomplish this goal, we developed a school-wide plan to encourage expected behavior from students.  The plan is based on four expectations: 

Show self-control.
Observe school rules.
Act with appropriate attitude. 
Respect everyone.  

The students are taught how these expectations can be applied in different settings within the school and on the school bus.  These expectations are reinforced daily here at school and we ask that you review them at home.

Students who fulfill the expectations will receive positive recognition by earning SOAR Bucks.  These Bucks allow the students to participate in various activities and to receive special privileges.  Each student keeps up with their bucks and decides how to spend them.


SOAR Incentives 2017-2018

Fundraisers: $2 Pajama Days - 9/28, 12/14, & 3/22.

$1 Hat Day (Baseball caps only) - EVERY Friday.

Exceptional Behavior Events

**No more than 1 infraction and NO office referrals**

*50 SOAR bucks to attend*


December   Movies at Berry Square

  May Rome Braves Game

Student Incentives and SOAR Bucks Needed


SOAR Bucks

Drawing for a Soft Drink (Coke box in workroom)


Treasure Chest (Front Office)


Chew gum in classroom or recess


Buddy Seat


Homework Pass


Afternoon Show News Crew Guest for a day


Activity Aide (Requires Prior Approval)


Teacher’s Desk Seat


King/Queen for the day (Lunchroom Stage)